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IHS Markit is a leading information provider with expertise and comprehensive content in key areas shaping today’s global business landscape. Businesses and governments around the world use our products, services and solutions to make faster and more confident decisions. 

IHS Markit offers a host of online training to help our clients become more proficient and efficient with our solutions so users can make confident decisions faster.

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  Course TitleProductOnline ProviderUpcoming Schedules
Boiler Pressure Vessel Code Training - Americas Time Zone in EnglishASME BPVC AdvantageWebEx1
BOM Intelligence Introductory Training - Americas Time Zone in EnglishBOM IntelligenceWebEx1
Construction Information Service (CIS) Introduction - UK & Ireland-based ClientsConstruction Information ServiceWebEx1
Enerdeq-EDS/Structure MapsEnerdeq BrowserWebEx1
Enerdeq-Map FunctionalityEnerdeq BrowserWebEx1
Enerdeq-Petra Direct ConnectEnerdeq BrowserWebEx1
Enerdeq-Rig ActivityEnerdeq BrowserWebEx1
Engineering Workbench Introductory Training - Americas Time Zone in EnglishEngineering WorkbenchWebEx1
Engineering Workbench Introductory Training - EMEA Time Zone in EnglishEngineering WorkbenchWebEx0
Occupational Health and Safety Information Service (OHSIS) Introduction - UK & Ireland-based ClientsOccupational Health and Safety Information ServiceWebEx1