IHS Markit has developed a line of comprehensive training courses for professionals who use IHS Markit software in today's oil and gas industry.

IHS Markit offers comprehensive, effective and quality training courses to geoscientists, geophysicists and engineers all over the world. Our goal at IHS Markit is to educate within the industry and provide a solid foundation for users of analytical software. Training courses are a cost effective and efficient way to get up to speed on industry applications and are globally available as public training or private onsite training upon request.

Our trainers are experienced in the industry and are experts in IHS Markit  analytical software, many with degrees in geology, geophysics, and engineering. Each trainer works closely with design managers and technical support at IHS Markit to create state of the art, practical courses that can be immediately applied to real-world workflows. We offer a broad spectrum of datasets featuring geological and geophysical and engineering data. The training manuals provided in each course also serve as reliable desk references for all IHS Markit upstream analytical software users.

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Courses By Product

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Command item
  Course TitleProductUpcoming Schedules
AccuLogs AccuLogs2
AccuMap Engineering Maps & DataAccuMap2
AccuMap Geology Maps & DataAccuMap2
AccuMap IntroductionAccuMap6
AccuMap Land Maps & DataAccuMap2
Enerdeq BrowserEnerdeq Browser9
IHS Harmony | IHS DeclinePlusIHS DeclinePlus3
IHS Harmony Forecast™IHS Harmony2
IHS Harmony Reservoir™ UnconventionalIHS Harmony2
IHS PiperIHS Piper3
IHS VirtuWellIHS VirtuWell4
Kingdom AVO Analysis for Hydrocarbon DetectionAVOPAK1
Kingdom Basic Geological Data LoadingGeological Data Loading7
Kingdom Basic Geophysical Data Loading (Seismic Direct) Kingdom Suite6
Kingdom Data ManagementKingdom Data Management3
Kingdom Exploring in the 3D WorkspaceVuPAK1
Kingdom Geological InterpretationGeological Interpretation12
Kingdom GeosteeringGeosteering5
Kingdom GeoSyn 1DGeoSyn5
Kingdom GeoSyn 2DKingdom Suite2
Kingdom Getting Started - GeophysicsKingdom Suite2
Kingdom Getting Started – GeologyKingdom Suite3
Kingdom Integrated Geoscience WorkflowIntegrated Geoscience Workflow1
Kingdom Intermediate Data Loading TechniquesIntermediate Data Loading3
Kingdom MicroseismicMicroseismic1
Kingdom Project and System AdministrationProject and System Administration2
Kingdom Rock Solid Attribute Generation and InterpretationRSA2
Kingdom Seismic InterpretationSeismic Interpretation9
Petra Advanced Cross Section and Correlation TechniquesPetra 7
Petra Advanced Mapping TechniquesPetra 4
Petra Advanced Mapping Techniques (Canada)Petra 1
Petra Basic Data LoadingPetra 3
Petra Basic OverviewPetra 13
Petra Getting Started (Canada)Petra 2
Petra Overview for Geoscientists (Canada) Petra 1
QUE$TOR Offshore Advanced TrainingQUE$TOR1
QUE$TOR Offshore TrainingQUE$TOR1
QUE$TOR Onshore Advanced TrainingQUE$TOR1
QUE$TOR Onshore TrainingQUE$TOR1
Rate Transient Analysis Fundamentals using IHS RTAIHS RTA3