IHS Geoscience Client Services

IHS offer professional services to support your Kingdom and Petra environments through all their phases:

Installation and Startup

IHS service professionals can speed your Kingdom or Petra implementation and assure that it’s done right. We can install all Kingdom and Petra software, create databases, advise on backup and recovery, do startup data loading and mentor users

Data Loading

We have many years of experience with all types of oil field and seismic data – we can quickly prepare and load your data to accelerate your exploration effort

Platform Conversions

If you are moving from a legacy platform to Kingdom or Petra, we have years of experience with large-scale data transfers between systems, and can bring our tools to your site to speed the transfer work and quality-checking afterwards

Project Repair and Mapping Assistance

If you have experienced a data loss or corruption, we may be able to help you recover your project data; we can also help with selecting and migrating data to the best coordinate projection system

Performance Troubleshooting

If your Kingdom or Petra environment is not performing to your expectations, we can help you determine why

Database Performance and Security

If you need to improve the security and performance of your Kingdom database environment or consolidate your databases in an optimum environment, we can help with MS Access and SQL Express migrations to SQL Server or Oracle. We can also mentor your support and DBA staff with database management and disaster recovery techniques

Mentoring for Geoscience and Support Staffs

We have experienced geoscience staff to provide one-on-one mentoring for your Kingdom and Petra users and support staff; let us show you how to make the most out of new software functionality while assuring optimum data accuracy and security

Part- or Full-time Staffing

If you need additional help with Kingdom and Petra support or data management, we can help with short- or long-term staffing

For more information or to schedule services:

Ask your IHS account representative, or email us

Services are available for short or long term engagements; pricing varies accordingly.